New Procedures for Guests: Effective immediately, all guests must have a signed waiver form upon entry to the Club. The membership contract is no longer enough to allow guests to utilize the Club without a waiver, and guests will not be allowed to use the facilities without a signed guest waiver form on file. Waivers for guests under 18 can only be signed by a parent or legal guardian. For your convenience, the Guest Waiver form will be available to be downloaded from our website, printed, and signed in advance before coming to the Club. Guest waivers will be kept on file for 2016. Each year, guests must sign a new waiver and provide identification (if over 18). A new guest charge slip at the sign-in window must be completed to indicate whether there is a waiver on file and to select the specific payment type (including use of the free guest pass). The staff at the sign-in window will be available to assist with the process as well as confirm waivers on file.
Copy and paste the URL below into your browser, download and print out the guest waiver.